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The Rosalyn Letters was written, illustrated and designed by a multidisciplinary artist named Sara Blake. She is based in New York City and elsewhere—and, like you, is an intergalactic traveler who is just passing through.
About the author
Sara's recent work focuses on exploring themes of truth, the human spirit, metaphysics, nature, and dream consciousness. In this unbelievably unique moment of spacetime, as this light in the shape of words reaches your eyes, Sara would most like to ask you what beauty is in your heart? What world do you want to see? What dreams are you creating?
About the project
The Rosalyn Letters was written and illustrated,
designed, and published in NYC by an artist named Sara Blake.
This six-year project helped her learn to listen to her dreams
and now she mostly makes art quietly in the woods beside a small lake.
She sewed every stitch
and drew every line.
She pushed every pixel
and wrote every rhyme.
She wrote these words because they
told a story she needed to hear.
And now those words are for you too,
whenever you are ready for them to appear.
To all our fellow humans, what a gift it is to be here with you.
Lend an attentive ear to your dreams, but also to one another.
It's not idealism to hope for a future where regardless
of race, gender, or religion we all act like sister and brother.
In Somnis Veritas—in Latin it means
"In Dreams There is Truth.”
Dreams aren't just for sleeping, so remember, it's never
too late to seize those truest dreams of our youth.
Support independent arts
The Rosalyn Letters is an independent project
100% self-funded on the author's own buck.
She hopes to get this project out to the world
with your support and a little bit of luck.
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